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Top 10 Things to do in Mineral Wells

Is it time for a weekend Getaway?  If so, think about a weekend exploring Minerals Wells, TX. Located just an hour west of Fort Worth, Minerals Wells is the perfect place to visit when you’re looking for a local place to escape and relax. Many people visit the city of Minerals Wells to take advantage of the history as it is known for their famous Mineral Water Company as well as the museums, parks, and businesses built around it.. Minerals Wells is “Where America drinks its way to health!”

When you visit Mineral Wells, you’ll enjoy taking a day trip to the surrounding lakes and getting back to nature by exploring the surrounding campsites

As you plan your next trip weekend trip, here is my TOP TEN LIST of the best things to do in Mineral Wells.

Spectacular Clark Gardens

Clark Gardens Botanical Park Mineral Wells, TX
Source: Visit Mineral Wells

Clark Gardens is a favorite attraction of locals and visitors alike! There is always something new and different to do with the changing seasons.  The owners do a great job of creating fun events and a relaxing environment. This 35-acre oasis will stir your spirit and calm your mind. You have no choice but to relax as time slows down and you find yourself watching the waterfalls glisten in the sun, the swans play, and peacocks strut! 

Floating down the Brazos

Source: Visit Mineral Wells

There is no need to make the 4+ hour drive to New Braunfels; you can enjoy a weekend of floating the river right here in Minerals Wells. The Brazos River is a slow-moving, flatwater river that is perfect for tubing, kayaking, and canoeing.  Floating the Brazos is the ideal way to take in all of the beauty that Palo Pinto County has to offer. Rochelles Canoe & Kayak Rental is a long-time favorite of locals as a way to do just this! 

Enjoy Hiking or Biking at Lake Minerals Wells State Park Trail Way

Source: Nicolas Henderson |Flickr

Whether you’re hiking, biking, or even horseback riding, Lake Mineral Wells State Park Trail is perfect for riders of any age or capability. The Trailway is 20 miles long and runs between Mineral Wells and Weatherford. All four trailheads have paved parking, drinking water, restrooms, trail information, and accessible parking.

Rock Climbing at Lake Mineral Wells State Park

Source: Texas Parks and Wildlife – Texas.gov

It’s one thing to go rock climbing on a wall, but the thrill is completely different when rock climbing an actual rock! Lake Mineral Wells is one of the closest spots to the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex to find great climbing. Avid rock climbers from all over come out to enjoy the maze of sandstone conglomerate bluffs named Penitentiary Hollow.

Dig for Fossils at Minerals Wells Fossil Park

Source: Mineral Wells Fossil Park

Mineral Wells Fossil Park is the perfect place for fossil enthusiasts, paleontologists, and students to visit in order to learn about and collect well-preserved “Pennsylvanian Period” fossils. Some of these fossils are dated to be more than 300 million years old. Great news:  any fossil you find, you may collect and take home – as long as it’s for personal use.

Choose Your Crazy at Crazy Water Pavilion

Source: Facebook.com/drinkcrazywater

Since 1881, the waters of Mineral Wells have been making folks feel good inside and out. Legend has it that a woman with dementia would drink water from the wells every day, and as time went on, the locals realized she was suddenly not so crazy anymore. The community began to wonder if the water had healing powers. The well quickly became known as the Crazy Well, and people from all over would flock to it. Many Hollywood stars were seen at the Baker Hotel in the early 1900’s .Now, you can buy and try your own Crazy Water while you are here.  Your body will thank you as you drink this product while you hike, rock climb, canoe, or just walk!

Have a Photoshoot at the Murals @ 76067

Source: Metroplex Social

Whether you’re looking for a fun spot to take family photos or to get the perfect Instagram- worthy photo of your weekend trip, you need to make plans to explore downtown Mineral Wells and enjoy the 20 plus murals available. The murals vary from everything from flying pigs to human-sized butterflies. There are even some interactive murals that you won’t want to miss!

Visit the National Vietnam War Museum

Source: TripAdvisor

As you pull into Minerals wells from the East, you’ll quickly take notice of the National Vietnam War Museum. The Museum and the beautifully landscaped grounds attract visitors all year round to teach and remind us of our history during this time period. As you walk the grounds, you’ll quickly be humbled by the dozens of silent memorials honoring our brave soldiers.

Pay Respect at the Congressional Medal of Honor Memorial

Source: Weatherford Democrat

What was once a United States Military Installation is now home to a Congressional Medal of Honor Memorial. Fort Wolters, or what was once known as Camp Wolters, honors the 16 Medal of Honor recipients who trained at the base.

Let Loose While Enjoying Live Music

Source: Sadie Oshi Harrison | Twitter

Whether you’re looking for a spot to enjoy music and drinks with your friends or a take in the band while eating dinner, Mineral Wells has six different locations where you can bop along and dance the night away to local bands. Come on out! Mineral Wells is growing rapidly and should be a place to visit once a year if not more often as there is too much to do even in a weekend!