Possum Kingdom Lake Home

If you’re consider a move to The Hills Above Possum Kingdom, then there’s a good chance you’re looking into buying a lot and building a custom home. The most important decision you’re going to make if you decide to go this route is picking the right builder. You want someone who is going to make your dream a reality. Here is everything you need to remember when selecting your home builder.

Home Builder Tip #1: Work Quality

Building a custom home isn’t a temporary residence. This house is most likely going to become your forever home. From the floor plan to the kitchen cabinets, window placement and number of bedrooms, you’re making every decision about this home. That’s why when you’re picking the builder for your Possum Kingdom home, you want to pick someone that offers quality. I would highly suggest finding homes in this area that they have built and ask to go inside them to look at quality of work and finish out. Also, consider asking the builder for a few names of previous customers you can contact via phone or email about their experiences with the building process and finished product of that builder. Seeing is believing!

Home Builder Tip #2: Research

Narrowing your search for the perfect builder can be overwhelming. After you select the lot you want to live on, browse the portfolios of the builders you’re considering and really pay attention to the features you’re wanting to include in your home. If having a large window overlooking the lake is important to you, look in their portfolio for something similar. Maybe you want your home to offer a certain look and feel, like something you’d see in Tuscany or a log home. Make sure to pick a builder who offers the style you desire.

Home Builder Tip #3: Transparency

The best builders to consider are completely transparent with their clients. They make themselves available to answer questions and they offer a timeline from the start to finish of the project. If they aren’t able to meet deadlines, they’re upfront with why they’re behind and what they’re doing to get back on track. You’ll want to find a builder who shares their building philosophy with you, the type of products they use and what kind of relationship they have with their contractors. If a builder cannot give you a definite answer or dodges the question, they are not one you should consider.

Home Builder Tip #4: Communication Style

When you’re selecting a builder, it’s important to find someone that you’re comfortable with and you connect with. The ideal building team will not only be available to answer your questions, but they’re going to come armed with a list of questions of their own for you. A good builder will work hard to understand what products and design will best fit your wants and needs, and the two of you will be in sync early on. If a builder takes long periods of time to respond to you or that you have to constantly follow-up with, that may not be someone you want to work with. There’s enough stress that comes with building a house. Don’t let additional stress get added on by lack of communication.