These truly are unprecedented times that we’re in. Kids are home from school when they should be learning and having fun with their friends. Parents are suddenly working from home to keep up with their workload while still trying to entertain the kids and keep them learning in some way. Time outside has been limited due to all the rain and storms, and the kids may not understand why they can’t get all their friends together to since school is out. So, I’ve compiled a list of resources to use during these strange times to help keep a normal schedule the best we can. Education/Learning At Home Science Experiments Scholastic Learn at Home PBS LearningMedia List of Ways to Have fun While in Quarantine At Home Spa Day Hand-make Cards for the Elderly to Mail Tour Museums with Google Play Board Games Act Out Storybooks Explore National Parks Virtually – Yellowstone & Yosemite Explore Zoos and Aquariums Virtually – San Diego ZooGeorgia Aquarium & Monterey Bay Aquarium Watch a Broadway Play or Musical on Broadway HD Go to Mars Relax in Hawaii Watch the Metropolitan Opera Take a Virtual Roller Coaster Ride at Disney – Frozen Ever After & Incredicoaster Get in a good workout. Enjoy a stay in movie night. Disney+ just added Frozen II incase you haven’t heard! A few tips to remember… Keeps a schedule. Get up at the same time, shower, eat breakfast and keep your morning routine for both you and the kids. Consider time-blocking your day between work and kids. When you go to the grocery store, only buy what you need. Spend time cleaning and sanitizing regularly. Wash your hands with soap and water while singing the alphabet. Be sure to take advantage of this unusual time to create good family memories with these unique activities! I would love to hear which ones your family liked!