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How do you find the best luxury retreats in Costa Rica? Unfortunately, it will not be practical or even possible for most people who want to rent luxury retreats in Costa Rica to visit the places that they want to stay and find the ones that they like. If you are already in Costa Rica, then this would be the best option for you. This way, you could visit the places you are interested in, see them in the flesh, talk to the bartenders, talk to the taxi drivers, and talk to other gringos who live there to get a full picture of what each luxury retreat is like. Most people will have to use the Internet to find the best luxury retreats in Costa Rica.

The Internet is still a very good resource for finding the perfect luxury retreat for your stay in Costa Rica, whether that stay is short-term or long-term. By using the Internet, you can check out websites, watch video tours, meet the owners, and get a very good sense of the place. You can read reviews online and on social media and find a great place for your stay.

When’s the Best Time to Rent Luxury Retreats in Costa Rica?

The high season for luxury rentals in Costa Rica is between mid-November and mid-April. This is when it is hardest to get a reservation in our Costa Rica beach house rentals. This is the busy season for all Costa Rica vacation rental properties. This is also the period when rental rates are highest across the board. If you intend to reserve a vacation rental between the months of November and April, keep in mind that many vacationers will book their trips a year in advance – sometimes more! When, then, is the best time to book?

In order to choose the best vacation dates, you have to understand the Costa Rica luxury retreat market, and you have to think like a landlord. During the month of May, it is quiet in Costa Rica because all of the tourists have gone home. This might seem like the best time to schedule your vacation at a luxury retreat in Costa Rica, but the landlords have just made a killing between the months of November and April, so they are not thinking about your business. The month of May is a time when luxury retreat landlords in Costa Rica are cleaning up getting ready for the next wave of tourists.

The months of July and August are the best months to find the perfect luxury retreats in Costa Rica. These are the months when the widest selection is going to be there for you, and this is the time when you are going to find the lowest rates of the year. Starting in September and October, availability slowly but surely starts to decrease, and rental rates start to increase, as the busy season is fast again approaching.

Luxury Retreats Costa Rica

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