Possum Kingdom Lake Home

Learn Which Possum Kingdom Neighborhoods Are Right for You

While many people know they want to purchase a primary or secondary home at Possum Kingdom Lake, they don’t always know which area of the lake is right for them. The lake is much bigger than many realize and many of the neighborhoods come with different features and amenities. To help you decide which Possum Kingdom neighborhood is right for you, I’m sharing some details to help you narrow it down.

Neighborhoods with an HOA or POA at Possum Kingdom Lake

The first question to ask yourself is do you want to live in a neighborhood with a homeowners association, a property owners association, or neither. While there are benefits to living in a community with an HOA or POA, there are still plenty of places to choose from that do not have an association.

The following areas DO NOT have an HOA/POA:

  1. The North and South side of the Peninsula on the “east side.” That includes Park Rd 36 and FM 2951
  2.  The North End of the “East Side” of PK Lake which includes areas by the airport and on up to Hwy 254
  3. The West Side of the PK Lake closer to Graham.

There are a few exceptions to every area.

Neighborhoods on the Water

The second question to ask yourself is “Is being on the water a must”? And if so, does that mean you must have a water access property and/or a property with a boat dock?

There are several developments that have water views but no personal dock access in general including The Hills, The Cliffs, The Harbor, and The Ranch.  The best bets for having a dock and/or boat slip would be the Caddo area, Gaines Bend, The Peninsula and/or the North End.  Keep in mind that these properties are oftentimes the most expensive for that reason.

Possum Kingdom Neighborhoods with Large Lots

The third question to ask yourself is what size of lot do you want? Do you want privacy and space or do you just simply want to have a property on the water and you don’t care about neighbors next to you?  If you do want privacy and space, The Hills above Possum Kingdom Lake is your most affordable and best bet. There are no lots smaller than one acre.  Sportsmans World still also has some lots and properties with acreage. 

Possum Kingdom Neighborhoods with Amenities

Once you know the size of the lot you want and if you want a place on the water, the next question to ask yourself is what type of amenities would you like the neighborhood to have? Are you looking for a place where you can just get access to the water, or are you wanting something with upscale amenities?

The Ranch has a “million dollar swimming pool,” skeet shooting, horse stables, while The Cliffs are well-known for its golf course and restaurant that overlooks the waters of Morris Sheppard Dam, as well as its two swimming pools, playground, and tennis courts.

The Hills has its gorgeous community clubhouse and pool overlooking the lake with a fitness center inside as well as a lake community cabin, boat dock, and watercraft launch area.

The Harbor amenities offer hospitality that rivals a four-star hotel, full-time concierge, full-service equestrian center, activities year-round for kids and adults alike.  I liken it to going to an “all-inclusive” resort in Jamaica or Mexico. Just here at awesome Possum Kingdom Lake!

These are just a few.  Please contact me for more information.

Price Range for Neighborhoods

The last question is “What is your price range”?  This will not only include the cost of buying the home or lot but also take into consideration the HOA’/POA dues if you do buy in a development. 

These annual dues range from $800/year at The Hills above PK Lake, all the way up to $4500/year for neighborhoods such as The Ranch and The Harbor.  This should factor into your monthly budget.  If you want something under $500K then you should rule out properties located at The Ranch and The Peninsula in general.  It is getting harder and harder to buy homes already built here at Possum Kingdom Lake for less than $400K. 

With these things in mind please contact me at your earliest convenience and let me help you narrow down what area of Possum Kingdom Lake would best work for you.  I look forward to hearing from you!