Possum Kingdom Lake Home

A Hiker’s Paradise

Possum Kingdom is known for all its outdoor activities, so it is no surprise that it provides avid hikers with amazing trails and breathtaking views!  Possum Kingdom is a great place to hike because of its location, which makes it easy for hikers from all over Texas and beyond to access the best Possum Kingdom trails. If you’re ready to enjoy a day out on the trail, then lace up your boots, grab some water and check out some of the best places to wander.

PK Angel Tree

If you’re looking for an easy to moderate hike, the trail up to PK Angel Tree is a must. Angel View lookout has become a ‘must do’ Possum Kingdom hike. At the top, you’ll see a large cedar tree that holds scores of angels that have been placed there by other hikers over the years. Near the tree is a bench that provides amazing views to take in while enjoying a picnic lunch. When you’re ready to go, hop on one of the other nearby trails to continue on your hike. The distance to the PK Angel Tree is approximately one-mile.

Redbird Trails

At the same starting point, you may go a short distance to the Redbird Trails, which goes around the mountain with the PK Angel Tree and provides plenty of lookout spots. Redbird Trails is the perfect beginner trail who have not done much hiking, families with small children, or adults with mobility issues since there is minimal elevation change. The entire trail takes about an hour to hike and is 3,290 ft long. It’s also a very popular biking trail, so be on the lookout for those on two wheels.

Johnson Peak Loop

If you’re ready to enjoy a day of hiking with the best views of the lake and cliffs, the Johnson Peak Loop is where you need to go. This hike will take you to the highest point of any Possum Kingdom hiking trail, where you’ll be in awe of a picturesque nature scene. The entire loop provides you with five lookouts, including the best view of Hell’s Gate. Portions of the trail are easy, but other areas are classified as moderately difficult, so this is one hike you won’t want to rush.

Brazos River Trail

The Brazos River Trail provides hikers with an easily traversed terrain since the trail is covered in crushed granite. This trail is going to get you up and close and personal with the Brazos River and lookouts of the Morris Sheppard Dam. The trail is just over 2.5 miles long and can be enjoyed by hikers of all skill levels.

Be Prepared for Hiking in Possum Kingdom

Before you go hiking in Possum Kingdom, it’s important that you show up prepared. There are no water stops on the trail, so be sure you bring your own. Stay on the trails; animals and other critters live in the area, and it’s crucial that we keep them and ourselves safe. The Possum Kingdom Hiking Trails are some of the cleanest in the state, thanks in part to everyone picking up after themselves, be sure you don’t leave trash behind.