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As we kick off the new year and start making goals and resolutions for yourself, one you may consider is updating your home. A new year, a new look. We’re seeing many new trends emerge as we move into 2021 and some old ones that will continue to impact design choices in the new year.

Here are six home design trends for 2021.


1. Curves and Comfort

People are spending more time at home, and that trend will likely continue well into 2021. It’s not surprising that we’re going to see more traditional, comforting décor take center stage.

Think softer curves and traditional furniture styles that make you feel right at home. Look for soft sofas and chairs that invite you to curl up and read a good book (or binge-watch your favorite show).


2. Bold Wall Colors

The bold wall color trend has been going strong for a few years now, but until now, it’s been reserved for accent walls. In 2021, we may see these bold colors fill entire rooms.

Design experts believe this trend may be fueled by a desire to inject some personality and flair into our home spaces. As we trade restaurant dining for homemade dinners and nights out with friends for game nights at home, we find ourselves craving new and interesting décor ideas.

Bold wall colors fill this need by making our spaces really pop.


3. Cottagecore

The cottagecore trend really gained steam in 2020 and that will continue into 2021. People are craving nostalgia and comfort. The cottagecore aesthetic certainly fits the bill.

Mixing the old with the new and incorporating comforting elements, like crocheted pieces and luxe accessories, can make your home feel warm and inviting.

4. Inspired by Nature

Nature-inspired patterns will take center stage in 2021, as more of us try to bring the beauty of the outdoors into our indoor spaces.

Expect to see more botanical patterns on everything, from wallpaper to throw pillows and even wall murals. Of course, we’ll also see more people incorporate potted plants, vertical gardens and other natural greenery into their home décor next year.


5. Vintage

Vintage has been a trend in home design for many years now, and it will continue to be trendy moving into 2021. We’ll see more salvaged, antique and retro furniture pieces making their way into homes.

As we move into the new year, designers will take more of a less-is-more approach. Contrasting elements will add interest and make spaces feel welcoming without adding too much clutter. Rich fabrics and texture layering will complement vintage pieces to give the space a unique vibe.


6. Earthy Tones

We’re seeing a shift to more earthy tones as we move into 2021. The natural, earthy color palette is part of that “bring the outdoors indoors” trend that we’re seeing.

Warm greens, rusts, rich reds and deep browns are comforting and inviting.

These six home design trends will take center stage in 2021. With most of us spending more time at home, it’s not surprising that these trends are focused on making our spaces more comfortable and functional.