An organized home is a happy home. You’ve probably heard that saying before, but there’s some truth to it. In fact, research shows that chronic clutter can keep your body in a constant state of fight or flight.

Taking the time to organize your home can reduce this anxiety and make it easier to find what you need when you need it.

Whether you’re in the process of home buying or want to make your existing space more functional, here are four easy ways to organize your home.

1. Purge First, Organize Second

Before you start organizing or buying storage supplies, take the time to purge your home. Go through each room and get rid of anything you don’t want or use.

It’s not easy to get rid of things, especially if they have sentimental value. However, holding on to items that you never use or may not even like will only add to your home’s clutter and make it more challenging to organize. So, be honest when sorting through your things.

  • Go for the easy things first, like piles of old magazines, ill-fitting clothes, junk mail, or old kitchen appliances you never use.
  • Pull everything out of your closet and go through each piece of clothing.
  • Have a plan for where your discarded items will go.
  • Consider whether each item supports your current lifestyle, not whether it will be useful in the future.

Getting rid of the things you no longer want or need will make it much easier to and less time-consuming to organize your home.

2. Store Things Where You Use Them

What’s the key to organizing and staying organized? Easy access. If you store things where you use them, you’re far more likely to put them back where they belong.

  • Store pots and pans in cabinets near the stove for easy access when you need them.
  • Better yet, hang your pots and pans to save cabinet space and for easy access.
  • Store glasses and mugs near the sink or refrigerator.
  • Keep your coffee pot near the cabinet where you store your mugs.
  • Store spices and cooking utensils near the stove.

Storing things where you use them will save you time. You won’t have to walk to the other side of the kitchen just to get a cooking pot or glass for water.

3. Use Drawer Organizers

Drawers are notoriously tricky to organize, but dividers and organizers will keep items separated and easy to find.

  • Use dividers in your utensils drawer to keep forks, knives, spoons, and other items separated.
  • Use acrylic dividers in office desk drawers to keep your pens, pencils, and other supplies neatly organized.
  • Use clothing drawer organizers to keep intimates and socks neatly organized.
  • Use dividers in bathroom drawers to separate your toiletries.

Organizers and dividers make everything easily accessible, so you don’t waste time rummaging through drawers to find what you need. If budgeting allows, invest in as many drawer organizers as you can.

4. Store Like Items Together

Whether you’re in the kitchen, the bedroom, or the bathroom, storing like items together will make it easy to find what you need.

  • Store glasses, mugs, and other similar items in the same cabinet
  • Keep all of your bakeware in the same cabinet.
  • Store your spices in the same drawer or cabinet.

Storing like items together will make it quick and easy to find what you need.

Home organization takes time, but it’s a worthy investment for peace of mind and easy access to everything you need. Use these tips to start organizing your home today.